Foundations and Frontiers of Artificial Intelligence

The course will enable students to understand and evaluate major philosophical and technological discussions surrounding AI and its applications.

  • the possibility of AI, strong/weak AI, Turing test
  • Chinese rooms, symbol grounding, physicality
  • scientific method, automated scientific discovery
  • evolution of autonomous behavior, evolutionary psychology
  • synthetic biology, organic computing
  • foundations from neurobiology
  • Turing-Church thesis, physical limits of computation
  • hypercomputation and AI
  • theories of consciousness
  • free will, dualism
  • intelligent agents and game theory
  • direct brain machine interfaces, augmented cognition, mind reading
  • nanotechnology, transhumanism, the singularity
  • simulation hypothesis, virtual worlds
  • quantum mechanics and observation
  • social and intelligent agents, interaction, “laws of robotics”
  • history and literature of AI and artificial agents


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